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and milestones in California agriculture

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Our Story is a platform that provides a home for stories about the families, people and milestones that take place in California agriculture.

Here, you will find personal stories that illustrate the unique role that growers/producers have to bring fresh fruits and veggies to the marketplace and restaurants.

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Our topics will focus on the actual production of fresh fruits and vegetables with in-depth look at the historical and cultural significance of various commodities and farming families of all sizes and generations deep. Personal stories about how they got started and where they are headed.

Farming Fables is intended for individuals who want to gain a deeper understanding of where their food comes from by hearing directly from the growers, their families, and their employees.


    CA Ag Can Learn from Canadian Ag Site...

  • Lincoln Forry, and Gabrielle Kirkland in Colusa, CA.

    Lincoln Forry Q & A

    WHO: Lincoln Forry FARMS: A 650-acre walnut orchard, along with a walnut huller/dryer in Northern California. FARMING START: Lincoln’s farming s...

  • Lincoln Forry has been a walnut farmer his entire life in California. He has moved to Texas to keep his farming legacy alive.


    FARMING FAMILY MOVES TO TEXAS TO PRESERVE THEIR LEGACY Today, December 26, Lincoln Forry, a California walnut farmer will transplant his family’...

  • Gabrielle Kirkland (left) and Vernon Peterson enjoy fresh and sweet watermelon at Vernon's packinghouse,

    Q & A: Vernon Peterson

    Who: Vernon Peterson, President of Abundant Harvest Organics and Peterson Family Farms. Farms: Raises chickens and grows peaches, plums, nectarines, o...

FAQs is a platform that provides a home for stories about the families, people and milestones that take place in California agriculture.

What you can expect from this site?

Behind-the-scenes stories about the ag industry through candid interviews with the men and women who bring fresh produce to the world.  The goal is to provide insight about the state’s ag community. Content is focused on sharing individual stories to understand their stature within the agricultural community.  

When are new posts made?

Posts will be made once to twice a month. The story will be a profile about a grower or rancher. 

Do you want to connect and comment?

Feedback is key to keeping relevant and focused.  

The stories shared here are meant to prompt thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions — please share your insight and together the experience will be one about learning and inclusion.

I ask that you be respectful, honest and fair in making public comments. The agenda in this space is to inform and enlighten. 

Why we are doing this? is written by Gabrielle Kirkland, who has been involved in the ag community for the last last 15 years.  She has had many unique experiences working with ag professionals and has a sincere desire to help others  understand and appreciate the people who grow fresh fruits, vegetables and other food products. 

Where is based?

In Fresno, California, which is right in the middle of the state.

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Gabrielle Kirkland is the writer behind farmingfables who wants to build a relationship with readers by providing a realistic and candid perspective of those who are responsible for producing fresh fruit and vegetables.

Kirkland is a former newspaper staff writer and journalism major with a passion for production agriculture. She lives in Fresno with her two children. Her day job is working for a family farming operation that grows stone fruit, blueberries and figs. will provide relevant and interesting stories about the individuals who grow, pack or ship fresh fruits and vegetables as well as explain the connection that all people share with farming families.

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