Doug Phillips is a grower and photographer in Visalia, CA.

Doug Phillips Q & A


Doug Phillips of Phillips Farms (Visalia, CA) is a fourth generation grower and his son, David, represents the fifth generation.


700 acres of kiwi, cherries, peaches, plums, and citrus including lemons, navels in Visalia.

Start in farming:

Doug got into farming through his family. He was born to farmers.

Philosophy as an employer:

Doug said their operation has placed a priority maintaining a longterm relationship with its employees because they are such a vital part of the business. Some employees have been part of the Phillips Farms operation up to 30 years and Doug said that is a direct result of treating your employees well. Its a standard practice for his core employees to receive bonuses at the end of the year and seasonal employees who prune or harvest are paid a base rate that is always above minimum wage. Health benefits were offered long before Obama care was mandated.

Stewards of the land:

Sustainability has always been part of Doug’s mindset when it comes to the crops that Phillips Farms has grown for years. Doug used the example of an unusually old but productive block of citrus trees which is more than 100 years old. He said a single crop doesn’t grow that long without taking care of the land. Sustainability is a big deal for growers because their goal is to have viable land to farm and pass along to the future generations.

Message on a fruit label:

Good tasting and good for you!

Read Doug’s story.

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