Harold McClarty, CEO of HMC Farms (Kingsburg, CA), and Gabrielle Kirkland, writer for Farming Fables (Fresno, CA).

Harold McClarty Q & A


Harold McClarty is the Chief Executive Officer of HMC Farms (Kingsburg, California). He is a self-made business owner that runs a vertically-integrated fresh fruit farming, packing and marketing operation. This includes farming the same 40 acres that his great-grandfather settled on in 1887 in Parlier, California.


Peaches, plums, nectarines and table grapes on approximately 6,000 acres owned by the McClarty family and its partnerships. The business has international operations in Peru, Mexico, and Chile.

Farming start:

Harold was raised in a farming family working alongside his parents who were peach and grape growers in Parlier. He made a bold move to start his own business selling and marketing fruit a few years after he purchased the family ranch from his dad in the 1980s.

Philosophy as an ag employer:

Harold leads his company with a deep understanding and appreciation of what it means to be an ag employee. He walked in their shoes growing up on a farm and then funding his entire college education. Based on those experiences, he is an employer who strives to demonstrate to employees how important and valuable they are to the operation and him, personally. He has an individualistic view, each employee is unique and should be treated as an individual.

As a steward of the land:

The land that he owns comes with a responsibility which Harold says is more about people — specifically the employees — who work with him in cultivating the farmland. His approach is simple, yet profound: to care for the community and land in a manner that ensures both will be in a far better condition than when he started farming because it is the right thing to do. Harold describes a farmer’s legacy as a measurement of their actions in caring for the land and people.

Message on a fruit label:

This is a “gift to you,” as this fruit is the culmination of everything that HMC Farms and the McClarty family stands for.


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