Grower and Pest Control Advisor, John Martzen, lives on a citrus grove in Reedley, CA. Pictured here with Gabrielle Kirkland who has known John for 15 years.

John Martzen Q & A


John Martzen is a third generation farmer who has been involved in farming since he was a kid.


55 acres of citrus and almonds.


He is a pest control advisor who works with growers or collectivel own or manage thousands of acres of farmland. John has worked in the profession for more than 35 years.

Farming start:

His grandparents were Russian-German immigrants who settled in Dinuba and started farming raisin grapes. When John was in middle school, his dad purchased a 20-acre raisin vineyard, and this is where he got his start by working on the family farm as well as helping out neighbor farmers.

Philosophy as an ag employer:

Employees are critical to farming operations, and especially in John’s case who has always had a day job as well as farming. He said the farm wouldn’t be able to run without the employees who he trusts.

John Martzen, PCA and grower, based in Reedley, CA.

John Martzen, PCA and grower, based in Reedley, CA.

Stewards of  the land:

John and his wife, Dottie, live in the town where they grew up, and feel responsible to keep the land in a condition so it can continue to be productive farmland that can be used for many generations to come. John described farmable as balancing the needs of the land as well as the viability of the crop.

Message for a fruit label:

“Grown with Care,” because John and his colleagues truly care about the product that they produce. He said there is a common misunderstanding that growers don’t care about the environment or employees. He said its the opposite, and the goal is to farm safely, treat people fairly and protect the land from any environmental problems.

Read John’s story here.

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