Canadian Ag Site Creates Example That California Needs To Follow

When I get a chance to peer beyond the Golden State’s borders, I feed an insatiable appetite that yearns to understand “other places and people.” As a California-native, culture from a different state and country is exciting. Especially, when it is laid out in a thoughtful, brilliant manner.

A recent experience left me sparkling with enthusiasm. I found an online gem called Agriculture More Than Ever.  This site is an example I want to emulate; I know it would do so much good for California agriculture.

Let me tell you about what makes this an online treasure-chest:

  1. Content is people-focused
  2. Site -structure is creative and provides the opportunity to get lost in a topic because the content rich and content flows together elegantly
  3. Visual appeal is “just enough”
  4. Call to action opportunities (interactive in the inbox and on the web)
  5. Specific campaigns (speak to sub-groups who might have varying interests from the general population)
  6. Resources provide feedback about what people are sourcing
  7. Its like a brilliant labyrinth created to parlay a unique experience

The site is relevant and attractive in its presentation, across every page. This is my dream web site. A place that could provide a much-needed service to California’s incredible ag community.

Who pays for the site? Funding comes from Canada’s federal and provincial governments because they recognized a need. Specifically,  the support is received through the Growing Forward 2, Ag-Awareness Initiative.

Canadian Agriculture Resource

Check out documentary produced by Canadian Ag Community.

There is a wonderful documentary available called “License to Farm” to address common misconceptions association with the ag industry.  Three common myths addressed are:

  1. GMOs are not safe and have not been tested for safety.
  2. Pesticides are liberally used by farmers and are unsafe.
  3. Farms are owned by big corporations and farmers do not have the capacity to make their own choices about inputs.

My comment to the team behind Agriculture More Than Ever is: fabulous job engaging and connecting the world to Canadian ag!

Send me an email if you come across a great online resource to share. Thank you for reading.

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